5 Best Paraphrasing Tools For Undergraduates To Improve English Writing Skills

English writing skills are part of our modern education system; gripping over perfect English writing skills is mandatory for every student.

For Undergraduates perfect English writing skills are required to pass through assignments, research papers, and most importantly theses therefore, they struggle most to improve their writing skills.

Also, command over good English writing skills is crucial to get done with scholarship essays to earn those illustrious scholarships.

Paraphrasing tools can be the easiest and most effective option to improve English writing skills as these tools generate content with perfect English grammar, vocabulary, clarity, preciseness, and uniqueness which are essentials to master over perfect English writing skills.

Students just need to input text into the paraphrasing tool and the tool will rewrite the text in a way that can enhance students’ creativity and lead them to the factors that are affecting their writing skills negatively.

If you want to improve your English writing skills through a paraphrasing tool then you should be picky to select the best paraphrasing tool because on the internet they are just too many and not all are great.

In this post, we will explore the 5 modern paraphrasing tools for undergraduate students to improve their English writing skills and boost their reach.

So, let’s get started!

How Can a Paraphrasing Tool Improve English Writing Skills?

Before we discuss any paraphrasing tool it is important to share with you all how a paraphrasing tool makes it possible for students to improve their writing skills.

A paraphrasing tool is not just to paraphrase text to make your work easy and to reduce your academic workload, but can also be used to help you improve your writing skills for better grades.

  • Demonstrating perfect grammar

A paraphrasing tool help students improve their writing skills by demonstrating the use of perfect grammar.

Students can keenly observe each sentence the tool generates, and it will help them recognize their grammatical mistakes and also how to fix those mistakes.

  • Demonstrating conciseness in writing

The rewriter tool is mostly valued among students and writers because of how concisely and correctly it rewrites the content which is another factor to learn to improve your writing skills.

  • Demonstrating originality in writing

The tool always ensures that every piece of content it generates must be unique and maintains the originality of ideas, if students can learn this factor from the tool they can definitely make their writing skills impressive.

Top 5 Best Paraphrasing Tools to Improve English Writing Skills


First, we have Paraphraser.io, this paraphrasing tool can be a great addition for undergraduate students to improve their writing skills as it uses modern state or art AI, NLP, and ML technologies to rewrite the text.

These technologies allow powers the tool to rewrite both sentences and articles, students can enter delusional sentences into the tool that they think is wrong in terms of grammar or sentence structure.

The tool will rewrite those sentences by making them perfect in grammar and sentence structure, the tool will automatically fix the grammatical errors in the sentences and also work on the sentence structure to make the paraphrased sentences error-free.

Students can compare their written sentences with the tool-generated paraphrases to know what grammatical errors they made and how they can fix those in their further writing.

Not just that, this paraphrasing tool generates paraphrases by simplifying the source text to remove any complexity and boost readability, this is important to improve your English writing skills.


Teachers and supervisors don’t appreciate complex and hard-to-read assignments or research papers therefore, you should learn how to make your academic writing simple and easy to read, you can learn that from this paraphrasing tool.

So, we can say that this tool can be a great deal to improve your English writing skills.


Next, we have this fantastic Paraphraseonline.io, this paraphrasing tool can be used as a ‘Word changer,’ ‘Sentence rephraser,’ and ‘Text improver.’

Students can use this rephrase online tool as a smart writing tool to learn how they can change certain words in the content, rephrase complete sentences for better flow, and how to improve their entire assignment quality.


This is an all-in-one tool for all your writing problems, whether you lack good vocabulary or grammar, this tool can help you improve both.

The best thing about this paraphrasing tool is that it rewrites any piece of content as if it is written by a human, is very natural sounding, and easy to understand paraphrases.

So, if you are looking for a go-to tool for all your academic paraphrasing and to improve your writing skills then this can be a great tool.


This paraphrasing tool is another recommended tool for undergraduate students to improve their English writing skills as this tool rewrites content by using extensive vocabulary and changing phrases and sentences to make them flow better in delivery.

The synonyms used by this tool to replace words of source text can be a great way for students to grip over good vocabulary and learn multiple words for the same word and know how to use synonyms appropriately.


Other than the new vocabulary, this paraphrasing tool can also help students to learn different sentence structures to improve their English writing skills.

As the tool rewrites the active voice sentence of the source text into a passive voice sentence and the passive voice into an active voice, students can observe how the tool alters sentence structure and can practice it to improve their writing skills.


This paraphrasing tool is best created for students, its interface is very simple and the paraphrases it generates are very instant and error-free.

With the use of this tool, students can learn many new tactics to improve their writing skills like how to remove unnecessary and unclear words and phrases from their assignments.

The tool rewrites text in a very clear format with no redundant and unclear words to confuse readers, achieving simplicity in writing is one core factor to mastering English writing skills and this tool allows you to learn just that.


The algorithm behind this tool makes it possible for the tool to generate paraphrases by altering phrases, words, and expressions in the whole sentence, students can observe this and practice it in their own writing.


The last tool in our list of ‘5 Modern Paraphrasing Tools to Improve Writing Skills’ is Paraphraseingtool.com, this tool is very robust to rewriting text that is both grammatically correct and original.

This tool can rewrite a complete essay with tone variations and connecting sentences in a unique style that preserve their context throughout.

Having a unique style in writing is crucial for every student to out beat other fellows and stand out from the entire class, teachers appreciate the unique style of writing and this tool can help you achieve your unique style of writing.


Original text:

Paraphrased text:

Maintaining uniqueness and originality in academic papers are necessary to make your work plagiarism-free because in universities plagiarism is treated as a crime and committing this crime might not be favorable for undergraduate students.

Final Words

Achieving perfect English writing skills is not something that students can do in a night, constant guidance and practice can make this happen.

Therefore, paraphrasing tools are viable tools for undergraduate students to provide constant guidance to improve their English writing skills.

We have listed above the top 5 modern paraphrasing tools that can do much more than just rewrite text for you, you can actually learn better writing skills from these tools.

So, go check them out!

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