60+ Collective Nouns for People

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Learn a helpful list of various collective noun examples of people/persons. Generally, the collective nouns for people are given to a group of persons who belong to the same occupation. For instance, A squad of soldiers

What is a Collective Noun

Collective nouns refer to a group of people, animals, objects, concepts, or ideas as a single entity.

List of Collective Nouns of People’s

  • an audience of listeners
  • a band of musicians
  • a bench of magistrates
  • a bevy of girls
  • a bevy of ladies
  • a billow of smokers
  • a board of directors
  • a body of men
  • a bridge of admirals
  • a bunch of crooks
  • a cavalcade of horsemen
  • a class of students
  • a choir/group of singers
  • a class of pupils
  • a company of actors
  • a coven of witches
  • a congregation of worshippers
  • a constituency of voters
  • a communion of saints
  • a crowd of spectators
  • a crew of sailors
  • cruft of hackers
  • a crowd of people
  • a den of thieves
  • a faculty of professors
  • a faculty of teachers
  • a flock of tourists
  • a team of athletes
  • a gang of thieves
  • a gang of laborers
  • a herd of wrens
  • a horde of savages
  • a host of angels
  • a host of friends
  • a house of senators
  • a huddle of lawyers
  • a mass of Catholics
  • a mob of gangsters
  • a panel of judges
  • a panel of experts
  • a party of friends
  • a party of politicians
  • a patrol of policemen
  • a platoon of soldiers
  • a regiment/an army of soldiers
  • a relay of runners
  • a slate of candidates
  • a school of pupils
  • a staff of teachers
  • a staff of servants
  • a team of players
  • a team of doctors
  • a team of scientists
  • a tribe of natives
  • a troupe of artists
  • a troupe of acrobats
  • a troupe of dancers
  • a troupe of performers
  • a troop of scouts

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    Hi Phil, The collective noun for smokers is BIllow, not pouch