List Of Masculine And Feminine Gender Words You Must Know

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Gender in English is pretty essential that you must know. In grammar, only nouns have masculine and feminines. There is no difference between masculine and feminine in non-living nouns. Therefore, their identity depends on the speaker, just as some say the pen is feminine and the ball is masculine. That’s why the identification of such nouns is unreal. Whereas living nouns have the male opposite to female and female ones have the male on the opposite, and there is a natural difference between male and female of animals, so that’s why their classification is actual—for example, man-woman, bull-cow, etc.

A noun that denotes the male is called the masculine gender.

A noun that denotes the female is called the feminine gender.

In this lesson, you will learn masculine and feminine words for animals and people.

Lis Of Masculine And Feminine Gender in People

Actor Actress
Author Authoress
Bachelor Spinster
Bridegroom Bride
Butler Maid
Boy Scout Girl Guide
Duke Duchess
Emperor Empress
Gentleman Lady
God Goddess
Grandfather Grandmother
Grandson Granddaughter
Headmaster Headmistress
Heir Heiress
Husband Wife
Hero Heroine
Host Hostess
Instructor Instructress
King Queen
Landlord Landlady
Male Female
Manager Manageress
Master Mistress
Monk Nun
Nephew Niece
Postman Postwoman
Sir Madam
Son Daughter
Steward Stewardess
Uncle Aunt
Waiter Waitress

Masculine And Feminine Gender in Animals

Eagle Eagle
Bear She-Bear
Billy-Goat Nanny-Goat
Buck Doe
Bull Cow
Boar Sow
Cat Queen
Cob (Swan) Pen
C-ock Hen
Deer Doe
Dog Bitch
Drake Duck
Drone Bee
Fox Vixen
Gander Goose
He-Goat She-Goat
Jack (Donkey) Jennet
John (Mule) Molly
Lion Lioness
Leopard Leopardess
Peacock Peahen
Ram Ewe
Stallion (Horse) Mare
Tiger Tigress
Tod (Fox) Vixen
Wolf She-Wolf

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  1. Nivedya rajan

    What is the femiline gender of king

    1. Mr-Teacher

      Feminine gender of the “King” is the “Queen”