List of A to Z Winter Vocabulary Words with Pictures

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If you’re looking to add some words to your winter vocabulary, Here learn and understand all the different words and terms that relate to winter with examples sentences for each word, so you can sound like a pro when talking about winter weather! We look at many English terms related to winter, including dresses, foods, and others, which will help you speak English in the season. To revise this lesson, below you can download it in pdf. Happy reading!

Winter Vocabulary Words

200+ Winter Words List from A to Z

Winter words that start with A

  • angel
  • anorak (a waterproof jacket)
  • arctic

Winter words that start with B

  • balaclava (a garment that covers the head and neck, leaving only the face exposed)
  • bask
  • beanie
  • bells
  • below zero
  • beret (a round cap)
  • biting
  • bitter cold
  • black ice
  • blanket
  • blizzard
  • blustery (strong and gusty winds)
  • bobsledding
  • bone-chilling
  • bonfires
  • boots
  • breeze
  • brisk

Winter words that start with C

  • cardigan (a knitted wool or cotton sweater fastens up the front)
  • chilly
  • chimney
  • chopping wood
  • Christmas
  • cloudy
  • coat
  • cold
  • cold snap
  • cold wind
  • comforter
  • cough
  • coveralls
  • crampons (metal spikes that are attached to the bottom of a boot)
  • curling

Winter words that start with D

  • December
  • decorations
  • down jacket
  • downhill skiing
  • drafty (currents of cold air)
  • dreary (depressing weather)
  • duvet (a type of quilt that is filled with feathers)

Winter words that start with E

  • earmuffs
  • ear flap hat
  • elf
  • evergreen

Winter words that start with F

  • February
  • figure skating
  • fire
  • fireplace
  • firewood
  • flannel (a soft-woven fabric)
  • fleece
  • flu
  • flurries
  • fog
  • freezing cold
  • freezing rain
  • frigid (very cold in temperature)
  • frostbite
  • frosty
  • frozen
  • fur coat
  • furnace

Winter words that start with G

  • gale (a powerful wind)
  • gingerbread
  • glacier
  • glittering
  • gloves

Winter words that start with H

  • hail
  • hailstone
  • hand warmers
  • Hanukkah (a Jewish festival)
  • harsh
  • heater
  • heavy coat
  • hibernation (a state of inactivity that some animals enter during the winter)
  • hoodie
  • hot chocolate
  • hot cider
  • hot cocoa
  • hot tea

Winter words that start with I

  • ice
  • ice cap
  • ice climbing
  • ice crystal
  • ice dam
  • ice fishing
  • ice hockey
  • ice scraper
  • ice skates
  • ice skating
  • ice storm
  • iceberg
  • icicle
  • icy
  • icy precipitation
  • igloo
  • influenza
  • insulation

Winter words that start with J

  • jack frost
  • jacket
  • January
  • jumper
  • jumpsuit

Winter words that start with K

  • Kwanzaa (a secular festival observed by many African Americans)

Winter words that start with L

  • lake effect (snow falling on the lee side of a lake)
  • legwarmers
  • log
  • long johns

Winter words that start with M

  • meatloaf
  • mattress
  • melting
  • misty
  • mittens
  • muffler

Winter words that start with N

  • natural gas
  • New Year’s day
  • New Year’s eve
  • nippy (cold or chilly)
  • north pole

Winter words that start with O

  • ornament
  • overcast
  • overcoat
  • overshoes

Winter words that start with P

  • parka (an oversized windproof jacket with a hood)
  • penguin
  • pine cone
  • polar
  • polar bear
  • propane
  • pullover

Winter words that start with Q


Winter words that start with R

  • radiator
  • rain
  • raincoat
  • raw
  • reindeer
  • root vegetables

Winter words that start with S

  • scarf
  • shiver
  • shivering
  • shoveling snow
  • skate
  • ski
  • ski hat
  • ski jumping
  • ski pants
  • skiing
  • sled
  • sledding
  • sleet
  • sleigh rides
  • slippery
  • slushy
  • sneeze
  • sniffle
  • snow
  • snow day
  • snow shovel
  • snowsuit
  • snow tubing
  • snowball
  • snowboard
  • snowfall
  • snowflake
  • Snowman
  • snowmobiling
  • snowplow
  • snowshoes
  • snowstorm
  • snowy
  • socks
  • space heater
  • sparkling
  • stockings
  • storm
  • stove
  • sweater
  • sweet potatoes

Winter words that start with T

  • tea
  • thaw
  • thermal
  • thermometer
  • tights
  • tomato soup
  • trousers
  • turtleneck
  • tree

Winter words that start with U

  • undershirt
  • unending

Winter words that start with V

  • vest
  • vacation
  • visibility

Winter words that start with W

  • warm milk
  • watch cap
  • wet
  • white
  • whiteout
  • wind
  • wind chill
  • windy
  • winter
  • winter clothes
  • winter solstice
  • winter sports
  • wintertime
  • wood stove
  • wool
  • wool coat
  • wool socks
  • woolens

Winter words that start with X

Xmas stocking

Winter words that start with Y


Winter words that start with Z

  • zero degrees
  • zodiac

Winter Vocabulary Words Used in Example Sentences with Pictures


We built a snowman in the front yard using three giant snowballs for the body and a carrot for the nose.


I was having a snowball fight with my friends outside when I slipped on a patch of ice and fell.


My sister always forgets her mittens at school, so I have to lend her mine until she finds them.


I went skiing at the mountain resort with my family last weekend, it was so much fun!


I wrapped a warm scarf around my neck before shoveling the driveway.


We used a sled to go down the hill in the park, it was a thrilling ride!


I always wear gloves to keep my hands warm when it’s cold outside.


The sky was gray and the ground was covered in snow, it was a very snowy day.


Andrew wore my boots when I went hiking in the mountains last weekend.


The temperature outside was freezing.


We built a fire in the fireplace to keep the house warm on a cold winter night.


My wife bought a new hat to match her winter coat.


My grandmother knitted a shawl for my father.


Hung the coat on a hook by the door.


Everyone wears skates while going skating.


The jacket has several pockets to hold your keys, phone, and other small items.


The blizzard raged outside, howling and whipping the snow around the house.


The sky suddenly darkened and a hail storm began.

Polar bear

The polar bear is a large Arctic animal


The penguin is a flightless bird that lives in cold climates, such as Antarctica.


The blanket was soft and warm, and it provided comfort.


The quilt on the bed was handmade.


He wrapped the muffler around his neck.


He adjusted the earmuff, making sure it fits snugly over his ears.


The socks were so comfy that she didn’t want to take them off.

Hooded coat

He zipped up his hooded coat.


The bear hibernates during the winter, sleeping for long periods of time to conserve energy.


The chimney was tall and straight, rising above the roof of the house.


Influenza is a viral infection that can cause fever, cough, and body aches.

Woolen cap

The woolen cap kept her head warm on a cold winter day.


She shivered as the cold wind blew through her thin jacket.


Sara basked in the warm sun, enjoying the heat on her body.


The snowflake drifted gently to the ground.


The sweater was too small for him, so he had to stretch it out to fit.


The icicle hung from the roof, its sharp point glinting in the sunlight.


She added ice to her drink, making it nice and cold.

Christmas tree

The children gathered around the Christmas tree.


The firewood crackled and popped as it burned.


The ice cream melted in the heat.


They bought a new mattress for their bed.


The fog lifted as the sun rose higher in the sky.


The Christmas carols played on the radio.


The igloo was built from blocks of snow.


The children played on the slide, laughing as they went up and down.

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