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In writing or speech, it’s easy to fall into the trap of repeatedly using the word “very” to emphasize a point or add force to a statement. However, this can lead to repetitious and uninspiring writing or speech, which can fail to convey the true sense or emotion behind the words.

That’s where alternative words come in. Instead of relying on “very” as a crutch, using specific terms can add depth and nuance to a sentence, making it more interesting and engaging to read or listen to. This makes the writing or speech more effective and demonstrates a more robust command of the language and greater attention to detail.

Why should you avoid using the word very?

You should avoid using “very” because it is a weak and overused intensifier that can make your writing or speech sound repetitive and boring. Repeated use of “very” can make your writing less engaging and less effective in conveying your intended meaning or emotion.

100 ways to avoid using the word very

To help you avoid overusing “very” and expand your vocabulary, we have gathered a list of 100 alternative words to use instead. You can download it in Pdf here.

S No.Word with "very"Alternative Word
1very afraidapprehensive
2very lazyidle
3very activeenergetic
4very afraidpetrified
5very boringtedious
6very bravevaliant
7very carefulcautious
8very carelessreckless
9very cleanimmaculate
10very cleanhygienic
11very cleverbrilliant
12very commonubiquitous
13very crowdedpacked
14very curiousinquisitive
15very darkmurky
16very dirtygrimy
17very dirtysoiled
18very dullblunt
19very easyfacile
20very energeticlively
21very expensivecostly
22very afraidabsentminded
23very lazyunremarkable
24very activeoverflowing
25very afraidsatiated
26very boringexceptional
27very bravesuperb
28very happyelated
29very hardstrenuous
30very helpfulsupportive
31very hightowering
32very hotblistering
33very hotscorching
34very hungryfamished
35very hungryravenous
36very importantsignificant
37very interestedfascinated
38very interestingcaptivating
39very lazyindolent
40very lightluminous
41very lightweightless
42very loudthunderous
43very luckyfortunate
44very messydisorganized
45very memorableunforgettable
46very moderncontemporary
47very noisycacophonous
48very oldancient
49very oldarchaic
50very importantsignificant
51very poorindigent
52very poorimpoverished
53very pollutedcontaminated
54very quiethushed
55very quietnoiseless
56very rarescarce
57very richaffluent
58very richwealthy
60very sadforlorn
61very scaredterrified
62very seriousgrave
63very shinygleaming
64very shortbrief
65very shytimid
66very smalltiny
67very smartintelligent
68very softplush
69very sourtart
70very specialexceptional
71very spicypiquant
72very stillmotionless
73very strongrobust
74very successfulaccomplished
75very sweetsugary
76very talltowering
77very tastydelicious
78very thirstyparched
79very tiredexhausted
80very toughtenacious
81very uglyhideous
82very unhappymiserable
83very usefulvaluable
84very valuablepriceless
85very warmbalmy
86very weakfeeble
87very wetsoggy
88very windygusty
89very wisesage
90very worriedanxious
91very youngjuvenile
92very youngyouthful
93very angryfurious
94very beautifulgorgeous
96very bigenormous
97very busyswamped
98very calmserene
99very dangerousperilous
100very difficultarduous

100 words to use instead of very pdf

Other words to use instead of very – Images

While using descriptive words in your writing and speech is essential, avoiding overusing them is equally important. Here are a few tips to help you avoid overusing “very”:

  • Use a thesaurus to find alternative words and avoid repetition.
  • Vary your sentence structure to keep your writing interesting and engaging.
  • Please pay attention to the context and tone of your writing, and choose words that suit them.
  • Read widely to expand your vocabulary and gain inspiration for new ways to express yourself.

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