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Family Members 👪

Due to the frequent usage of family members in our lives, it is essential to know the name of each family member in English, and also, it’s a very introductory lesson in learning English. So in this lesson, you will learn all the family members’ names in English from very basic family to extended members and other generic words. Below, you will find the family tree, which makes it easy to understand the flow of family members and remind.

The family Tree

Understanding this family tree: To understand this family tree consider dual-head arrow as the point of marriage by following their offspring. The red color box shows the name of a female family member, and the brown one shows the male.

Family Members List in English and Urdu

Members of the basic family

By the term “basic family,” I mean a family of your bloodline.

  • Maternal-great-grandmother: پر نانی (grandmother of one’s mother)
  • Paternal-great-grandmother: پر دادی (grandmother of one’s father)
  • Maternal-great-grandfather: پر نانا (grandfather of one’s  mother)
  • Paternal-great-grandfather: پر دادا (grandfather of one’s father)
  • Maternal-grandmother: نانی (mother of one’s mother)
  • Paternal-grandmother: دادی (mother of one’s father)
  • Maternal-grandfather: نانا (father of one’s  mother)
  • Paternal-grandfather: دادا (father of one’s father)
  • Mother: ماں/والدہ
  • Father: باپ/والد
  • Maternal Aunt: خالہ (sister of one’s mother)
  • Paternal Aunt: پھپھو (sister of one’s father)
  • Maternal Uncle: ماموں (brother of one’s mother)
  • Paternal Uncle: چچا (brother of one’s father)
  • Brother: بھائی
  • Sister: بھن
  • Paternal cousin: چچا زاد (child of one’s paternal uncle)
  • Maternal cousin: ماموں زاد (child of one’s maternal uncle)
  • Wife/Husband: بیوی /شوہر (one’s spouse)
  • Niece: بھانجی / بھتیجی (daughter of one’s brother or sister)
  • Nephew: بھانجا / بھتیجا (son of one’s brother or sister)
  • Daughter: بیٹی
  • Son: بیٹا
  • Grand-daughter: پوتی / نواسی (daughter of one’s daughter or son)
  • Grand-son: پوتا / نواسہ (son of one’s son or daughter)

Members Of Extended Family

The term “extended family” implies those members of the family who are not part of your bloodline but becomes your family members after getting married.

  • Mother-in-law: ساس 9 (mother of one’s husband or wife)
  • Father-in-law: سسر (father of one’s husband or wife)
  • Sister-in-law: بھابی / سالی (sister of one’s wife or husband)
  • Brother-in-law: بہنوئی / سالہ (brother of one’s wife or husband)
  • Daughter-in-law: بہو (wife of one’s son)
  • Son-in-law: داماد (husband of one’s daughter)
  • Co brother: سمدھی (husband of your wife’s sister)
  • Co sister: سمدھن (wife of your husband’s brother)
  • Cousin’s Wife: چچا زاد / ماموں زاد بھائی کی بیوی (wife of one’s uncle’s son)
  • Cousin’s Husband: چچا زاد ماموں زاد بہن کا شوہر (husband of one’s uncle’s daughter)
  • Stepmother: سوتیلی ماں (a woman who is married to someone’s father but who is not their biological mother)
  • Stepfather: سوتیلا باپ (a man who is married to someone’s mother but who is not their biological father)
  • Stepson: سوتیلا بیٹا (a son of one’s husband or wife by a previous marriage)
  • Stepdaughter: سوتیلی بیٹی (a daughter of one’s husband or wife by a previous marriage)

Generic Names

  • Great-grandparents: پردادا دادی / پرنانا نانی
  • Grandparents: دادا دادی / نانا نانی
  • Parent: والدین
  • Sibling: بہن یا بھائی
  • Spouse: خاوند یا بیوی

Other Terms

  • Single: غیر شادی شُدہ
  • Married: شادی شُدہ
  • Relation: تعلق / رشتہ
  • Relative: رشتے دار
  • Twin: جڑوا
  • Oldest: سب سے بڑا
  • youngest: سب سے چھوٹا
  • Firstborn: پہلوٹھا
  • Infant: شیر خوار بچہ
  • Toddler: چھوٹا بچا جس نے گھومنا شرو کیا ہو
  • Engagement: منگنی
  • Widow: بیوہ
  • Divorced: طلاق یافتہ
  • Widower: رنڈوا
  • Marriage: شادی
  • Bride: دلہن
  • Groom: دولہا
  • Fiance: منگیتر عورت
  • Fiancee: منگیتر مرد
  • Ancestor: آباواجداد
  • Bloodline: پیڑھی / خاندان
  • Family Tree (Genealogy): شجرہ نسب
  • Offspring: آل اولاد
  • Clan: قبیلہ
  • Maternal: ماں کی طرف کا
  • Paternal: باپ کی طرف سے
  • Grandpa: دادا / نانا
  • Grandma: دادی / نانی
  • Granny: نانی / دادی
  • Mum / Mom / Mummy / Mommy: ماں
  • Dad / Daddy: باپ

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